Carmen's Horse Rescue Inc Charity Non-For Profit 38646 - Equine Rescue
Our Mission:
To  save as many Animals in need as we can by providing, training, vetting, giving them needed food and shelter or a safe haven to heal and transform.
Our immediate goal is to find a larger property and so provide more help to more animals in the Tampa Bay Area.
Our rescues come to us from Owners,  Sheriff's Department's and the slaughter house.
While we are in the process of applying for our 501(c)3 non-profit status, all donations are still tax deductible as a registered charity not-for-profit #38646. 
What we do:
  • We provide love, food, shelter and appropriate medical attention to unwanted, neglected and abused horses and dogs
  • We have saved horses from the slaughter house.
  • We have rescued several cats/kittens from PTS
  • We have rescued dogs from PTS
  • We find new, caring Florida homes for these animals.
  • We offer educational support to the people who adopt these animals so they successfully care for their new family member.
  • We educate children and adults about
    • the special needs of the animal
    • the responsibilities of horse ownership
    • the importance of proper regular care, vetting.
  • Teach the animals to trust again.
 Thank you for contacting us. 
We are a very small Foster Home based Non-Profit Rescue.  Our foster Homes are located throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area.  We only adopt dogs within the state of Florida. 

If you are contacting us to give us your dog,  please be advised that we are not currently able to take in any more dogs at this time. We'll happily work with you in order to find a way for you to keep your dogs.  Dogs aren't expendable!  They are a lifetime commitment on an average of 16 years. Please, we strongly encourage you to be resourceful and find ways of keeping your pet.  If you give the pet to a county shelter, then you should be aware that those shelters are HIGH KILL - the odds are very slim for your pet to get out of the shelter alive.  Sorry, but that's the cold hard truth.
 We are a very small Rescue. The few Volunteers we do have, all have full time jobs of their own and the Rescue itself, is very demanding and keeps us all overwhelmingly busy. 
We are always looking for new Volunteers who are dedicated and reliable. If interested in becoming a Volunteer, please contact us ASAP!  Without Foster Homes, we simply cannot save any lives.  We are always looking to add Foster Homes to our Rescue. We are accepting Foster Home Applications in Pasco, Hernando, Pinellas, and Hillsborough Counties.  Donations - both monetary and materialistic donations are always graciously accepted. 
(We are an all-volunteer rescue with no government funding.)
 1 (727) 692-2806
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